Fab talk today: Matt Jones from Dopplr

Matt Jones from Dopplr came to speak today at one of our glue lunchtime sessions. It was so great that I ended up with a hand covered in thought-provoking scribble:

Of particular interest was the discussion around fuzzyness vs accuracy when you’re talking about things like location-based services… How all the carriers are obsessed with building apps around the sharp peak that is “what someone is doing RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, rather than looking at the more interesting areas of nowish and aroundish. ((And what about tracking usual behavior – “you’re usually at…”).

It was similar to the discussions around virtual reality years ago (when I was involved in VR discussions at Softopia), when everyone was obsessed with producing the most accurate models/most polygons etc… I always thought there was so much more you could do with the technology if you weren’t obsessed with being so precise. He also mentioned Yahoo! Fire Eagle, which has lead me down a path of thought and research today…

So, all-in-all, a verty satisfying talk from someone hwo really loves what they do. Great stuff.


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