Horror Stories and Industry Fuck-ups

Think you’re alone working with diva colleagues and spaced-out clients? Had your fair share of production failures? Suffered at the hands of ‘Reply to all’?

Then last night was a cure to what ails ya, where Shoreditch Town Hall came alive for a healthy dose of schadenfreude, and to hear how even the creative industry’s top legends had stories that made you quiver.

Yes, it was my very first President’s Lecture for D&AD, and we had some fantastic speakers talking about the times where things didn’t quite go according to plan.

So who were the brave souls? Acknowledged as one of the UK’s most respected art directors, Alexandra Taylor has over 200 entries in the D&AD Annual. She’s served as Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, and became the first woman in advertising to be nominated onto the D&AD executive board. We heard tales of woe from Matt Wade (Designer, Co-Founder of Kin) and Sam Ball (Creative Partner, Co-Founder of Lean Mean Fighting Machine) as well as Jane Gershfield, Executive Producer of Great Guns.

we were also able to get our fangs into the grisly world of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, who I support personally, and taste the BEST scotch eggs and bloody marys in town.

What a fantastic evening – can’t wait for the next one in January – Mark Denton!


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