To BIMA or not to BIMA

I was excited to see this week that LBi had four pieces of work in the running for 2010 BIMAs.

Firstly, Mobile Mobile – a total labour of love, and (despite none of the judges believing me) completely done on a tiny budget in lunchtimes and weekends. My favourite piece of work from the last 12 months by far, and a brilliant example of collaboration (our COO did all the carpentry!).

Secondly, Lloyds of London. A giant of a design and UE exercise, the style guides alone are the size of a small dictionary 😉

How do you make a tourist guide more helpful? The trip planner we’ve implemented on our Tourism Ireland site allows you to easily drag and drop events, accommodation and other travel items into a dynamic itinerary. You can even add your own events, and of course share with your travel mates.

Our last piece is a piece we recently launched to support the British Beekeeper’s Association in their research in to the disappearance of our honey bees. David Cameron’s Bee Beard allows you to sign a Twitter petition, and add a bee to the PMs beard at the same time. Once we have enough bees in the beard, we will be presenting the “signatures” at No. 10, wearing a real beard of bees of course! The beard also has a voice, and sends signatories tips on supporting bees in their local areas etc.


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