M&S Helping kids to live their dream

For the new clothing range by M&S, supported by McLaren Vodafone, M&S wanted to do something different. Tasked with bringing the spirit of Lewis Hamilton (living his childhood dream) to the kids of the UK, and armed only with a few cents per item sold, we just launched http://www.livingyourdream.com/ for the start of the race season.

Using a bespoke Flash tool that brought to life the feeling of crayon and chalk, we asked children to draw their dream. As they drew, our site recorded their movements and made a short film. They could add in titles, voiceover or subtitles, and share the films across social spaces.

All the films were judged monthly by a different panel, and the winner received the opportunity to make their dream come true (using the money from sales of the clothing range of course!).

These dream days were filmed, forming episodes on an online channel that could be spread further to encourage more entries.

It was a wonderful experience, the kids’ stories were full of joy and the dream days out were total tear jerkers! It was a brave departure for M&S, and a piece of work that I’m really proud of – most if all because it felt so good.


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