New Year’s Evolution

Its not often I set myself resolutions for the new year – they tend to get in the way of life’s ever-changing priorities. But here goes, a couple of choice ideas to focus my creative energies and help me engage the world with a whole lot more energy:

1) Find a use for my media
What should I do on Posterous? Or is it just a simple way to feed my Twitter and blog? Who should I friend on LinkedIn? Why am I still subscribed to all those email lists that I never read (but will, one day…). I’m thinking that 2010 is ripe for some fun with my own personal channels, and I dont have the time to maintain multiple networks for no reason (I haven’t visited Facebook in months – only read the mails). Do I really need Brightkite? Tumblr? Its time to get tactical.
First thing’s first – Posterous as a creative outlet. Lets see what fun I can have with it.

2) Do it differently
There’s nothing that makes you more sluggish than doing the same thing, day after day. Courtesy of my great friend Liz at R/GA for the inspiration, I’m going to take one day a month to do things differently.
Usually read a freesheet? Read a book instead. Leave earlier and catch the bus instead of the tube. Eat somewhere new. Download an album by an artist you’ve never heard of. Listen to a new podcast. Cook a dish from a new part of the world. Best of all I’m going to try to do it with the people aorund me. Sounds like a craik, huh? Come to think of it, maybe I should be doing this every day…


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