Our mobile mobile

Upcycling. Its environmentally responsible and cheaper than the usual Christmas tat, so at LBi we decided to put our 150-odd old HTC mobiles from a recent upgrade to good use and create our own Christmas tree come mobile mobile.

What was originally an igloo, then a scaffolding tree made using the tree’s natural algorythm, then an upside-down funnel of recycled goodies has risen, phoenix-like from the trials and tribulations of internal-project-land into a beautifully interactive foyer piece for the Brick Lane office.

Following an agency-wide mobile phone upgrade, an idea was hatched to re-cycle the phones in the form of an interactive sculpture. Essentially each phone is assigned a tone and is individually addressed by a computer to play a jolly jingle (Choir of the Bells) when you send a tweet to #lbitree (go on, do it ;-). You can also play the tree live via your very own qwerty keyboard here.

And just for fun, we made a “making of” video too.


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