QR codes finally making it into the shopping basket

Iain Tait blogged about it here, but Marks and Spencer have started to pop the odd QR code onto products. As wth him, I’m super-impressed that someone has bitten the bullet to do this, but disappointed that their first attempt isn’t what it should be. There are some great suggestions for improvement by readers posted too.

My first impressions are:

1. Its quite poorly designed and doesn’t reflect the gorgeous new visual identity that M&S Food has been establishing.
2. There’s simply too much stuff on there… why would I want to read about the other food to go items that might be sold? Or read a bad joke? It needs to be more focussed.
3. The provenance of food is becoming more important. It would be wonderful to read about the actual farmers etc. who produce the juice. Make the story more personal and believable
4. The voucher is a good idea
5. There are no real opportunities for conversation with the customers (‘feedback’ doesn’t count)…
6. There’s a missed opportunity (especially if printed o their ready meals and wines) to do things like food pairing. Not sure what you’d pair with orange juice, maybe a muffin?
7. Where’s the nutritional information etc?

So all in all, VERY exciting to see them popping up but hoping that they sort out their experience soon, before everyone turns off the light and leaves the building.


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