Quality worth every penny…

Just launched by us here at LBi: <a href=”http://marksintime.marksandspencer.com/”>a new site</a> to support one of our biggest clients for their birthday. Marks and Spencer’s 125th Anniversary is not only an in-store celebration, but a fabulous exhibition called “Marks in Time” in Leeds which will show off their continued history of innovation and ethical production. Our task has been to support that exhibition, and to add conversation and continued development to the show over its 3 year exhibition period.

Growing from a penny stall so many years ago, did you know that M&S was the first supermarket to sell fresh chicken? The first to produce a mass-market melt-in-the-middle chocolate pud? And through Plan A, the first to go hydrogenated trans-fat free, and to only use free-range eggs, even in cooked produce? Well, neither did we, but surfacing these fascinating facts, and others, is one of the reasons that we’ve just loved this project so much. Focussing on 7 product innovation stories through time, the site both gives a taste of the show itself and an opportunity for people to add their thoughts and memories about M&S though writing online ‘postcards”.

Utilising large areas of Flash video (filmed in our basement in conjunction with <a href=”http://www.ontheagenda.co.uk/”>Agenda Collective</a>) and subtle sounds to bring the historical tableaux to life, it brings a little bit of the contemporary M&S sexiness to their wonderful history.


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