Where the maybe-just-a-little-wild-things are…

Fantastic book that’s the spine of any adult’s nostalgia about childhood… check

Directed by Spike Jones… check

But hang on, most vomit-inducing trailer edit known to man (“Inside all of us is HOPE, Inside all of us is FEAR, Inside all of us is ADVENTURE my arse)… CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

I still have high hopes that this will be a great film, but ENOUGH ALREADY with the saccherine stuff – what, Max is a naughty boy because his ‘Mommy’ is snogging a new man on the couch? Can’t a boy just be genuinely naughty for once (I know mine is, and he’s still lovable as hell), or are real American boys always as good as gold until their parents mess with their heads? And there seems to be no mention of the simple longing for home and the kindness and redemption in a good hot meal that’s in the original story either. It would be a shame if the point of the story was lost for the sake of hollywood heartstrings. See for yourself anyway…


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