Amazing Grace

Its Ada Lovelace Day today – a global celebration of women in technology and science.

For those of you who don’t know about Ada Lovelace and what an incredibly rockin’ lady she was, check her out on Wikipedia here, or check out the twitter action today at #adalovelace.

On top of Ada, I have a few female tech (s)heroes that have been my inspiration over the years and thought I’d take the chance to say “big up!” to the coolest of the cool – the amazing Grace Hopper. Not only did she write the first compiler for a programming language, but was the first to develop the idea that a computer language could be written in natural language (like most of the languages we take for granded these days), rather than in machine code or assembly language. From her groundwork and philosophy, COBOL was born – and she also developed its first validator and compiler.

Not only that, but she was also responsible for developing easy-to-follow teaching texts and methodologies that are still used to this day. Cheers Grace! Thanks for making it all so much easier!



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