Love to LOVE you baby…

“Controversy” this week when Condé Naste was accused of copying the NME when they launched their new bi-annual fashion mag “LOVE” with a naked pic of Beth Ditto on the front cover (not the same picture, or from the same shoot, mind).

Well, I’m not sure about copying or no, as I sadly haven’t laid eyes on NME for some time (ah, the heady old days of Smiths posters on my walls…) but five stars to CN for an utterly arresting and visually delicious new launch!

The content, as you’d expect, is the same-old-same-old feast of advertising (so much so that its hard to find any of the content at all!), but its only a fiver, and there are some lovely photo shoots towards the end. I bought a copy the Saturday after launch and it was the only copy left in the newsagents, so it must be selling really well for them.

Gorgeous colours, lovely type (apart from the hideously 80s logo itself) and one to have on the shelf just for stand-out value.



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