D&AD Student competition and awards identity

I HEART D&AD, and I love the Student Awards, so I am always excited by what they’re up to. Launched this week by Pentagram, the new look for the D&AD Student Awards is an interesting blend of brave colours, a real attempt at referencing the digital nature of the scheme and some seriously interesting thinking.

As the Creative Review blog states: “The new work pixellates the familiar yellow pencil and uses elements of this effect across a new website and array of printed materials – including posters and briefing postcards – reflecting the organisation’s decision to take the contents of the Annual online…”

The introduction of colours other than the usual yellow is REALLY lovely – the postcards and the letterheads are sweet as. The only thing that disturbs me slightly by it all (and I say this with the greatest hesitation, and with much love – its nothing I haven’t said to the D&AD peeps already) is that the real close-ups look a bit, well, a bit like goatse. Pixellation not only references ‘digital’, but also something NSFW, and goatse is such an internet ‘classic’ its hard to miss. Well, call me dirty, but it was hard for me to miss anyway. But maybe I just belong in the gutter.

Seriously though, I just can’t get it out of my head. And I couldn’t be wanting to try harder or be more sorry about it.



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