Levi’s finishes London style…

Wandering down Old Street this morning, and stumbled upon this arresting bit of site-specific advertising under the railway bridge (note to self… are the media planers sure that the people walking under that bridge constitute enough of an audience to make a difference, or are they counting on PR and blogability?)

Anyway, having worked on Levi’s in my past life, I DID think it was an interesting way of tackling the perennial problem they face with recognisability of their finishes/washes. If only you could read the ones up the top of the board, maybe someone, somewhere might take notice. The lack of light under there dosn’t help much either (though it does keep the integrity of the finish intact!)

Anyway, all these possible flaws aside, I still thought it was a cute ldea, and a great change to the usual paper billboard that it covered up!


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