What does it mean to own one’s identity online?

What building blocks do we need in place to help achieve identity ownership?
What practices are social networks doing that help (or hurt) personal identity online?
How can we work with social networks to build a better web?
What are the real-world problems that normal folks are dealing with concerning identity?

This is the building block for a blog by Josh Porter (bokardo) and Tony Haile from chi.mp – “Own Your Identity“.

Well worth a think, a read and a contribute – this is one of those mostly-overlooked areas at the moment that’s going to hit hard as ‘Gen Y’ (man, I hate that term!) start to want to control what’s out there about themselves…

Really interesting to think about with the launch of OpenID too – do I really want to use the same profile for everything, all linked up? Surely part of the art is to tailor your identity to your surroundings…

Food for thought anyroad…


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