Fluid data transfer – a physical approach

Just came across James Chambers, a recent LCC grad, from the YCN talent auction site.
An interaction designer, I thought this project in particular was a stroke of genius (and I’d love to test out how it works!)

From his site:

Move It aims to give the user direct physical control of the data on their hard drive. Once the drive is plugged in, the user can move through the files by squeezing it, then copy them to the desktop by tipping the drive towards the computer. Files can be added to the disk using the traditional drag-and-drop system. Move It works using the Arduino Mini micorcontroller in conjunction with an OS X application written in Xcode. The hard drive sends out different signals via USB when it is squeezed and tilted respsectively, then the application interperets this accordingly, copying or changing files. The squeeze action is detected by small rubber pads embedded within a neoprene cover.


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