The more you ignore me, the closer I get…

I’ve been trying to NOT mention all day, but those of you who follow my twitter will have noticed something rather disturbing – I’M TOTALLY ADDICTED TO IT. Actually, that’s one of the annoying things about it – like, how do you turn the thing off once its all linked up to your other social networks? I’m sure everyone is sick of my greatest hits already (after spending 2 hrs just playing around with it last night) – oh, but hang on, most of the self-same people are equally as hooked… Phew… Actually, I haven’t blipped a song for a good 5 hrs or so now… best get to it…


One response to “The more you ignore me, the closer I get…

  1. You’re not alone Laura. You’re right, everyone who has been on Blip is completely addicted including myself. I think one of the biggest attractions is because it allows you to post your most secret guilty pleasures in a comfortable and open environment through both the props the community can give out and the tag that you can associate to each song. You would never normally see me posting `Heart’s, Alone’ to my page would you?! *Note that was in response to a big 80’s perm challenge 😉

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