The Institute of Unnecessary Reasearch

A great artists’ collective from Brighton, crossing the boundaries of science and art – everything from data to bacterial cultures are propagated and played with to create fascinating performances and exhibition pieces. It looks to be led by a PhD student, Anna Dumitriu. What a lady! With academic titles such as ‘Head of The Intangible’ and ‘Head of Joy’, they’ve even run a Karaoke Research Workshop… As they say:

Research for the sake of it. Artists are innovators, if a new piece of technology or a new medium, becomes available; artists want to try it, to experiment with it. Some artists take on the role of a scientist and some scientists equally take on the role of artist. By stepping outside the tyranny of the hypothesis we can go off at tangents, to get bogged down in aesthetics and be mavericks, in fact there is very little you can do to control us. As Einstein said “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

You can find them/her on MySpace (where you can download an exclusive IUR ringtone).

They also link to this, a random science paper generator. This kind of thing has been done a million times (this one is from 2005), but the fact that the papers look (to the untrained eye only, I’m guessing) incredibly believable makes it particularly delightful. Also the fact that they actually try to present the random papers in real life, and record the outcomes…


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