The State of Art Direction – a CR special

Creative Review recently asked me to contribute to an article on the state of contemporary art direction. here’s my excerpt below (but you should really read the whole thing).

…This healthy mixture of expertise is perhaps more evident in digital agencies, where there is less separation between departments, and the creatives work alongside those producing the technology for projects, with everyone contributing ideas. “With digital it’s a lot more collaborative, we don’t have a standard agency structure to adhere to,” says Laura Jordan Bambach, Head of Art at glue London. “A lot of digital agencies don’t have traditional copywriter/ art director teams. Many don’t have separate departments. What’s common to all is that technologists, motion graphic experts, designers and copywriters all work together. A really fantastic idea might come out of a brilliant bit of technology as much as from an advertising idea in the trad­itional sense…. In digital, as in all media, an idea is the most important thing. But at Glue we do beautiful, well-crafted work, and that’s also what clients come to us for.”

Wonderfully, they also included a pic of the Camper site as an example of great direction.


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