Highlights of D&AD New Blood 2008

This work was all done by one of the only international stands at the show – from Singapore.
I loved the 70s-style string art concept for “Lines”.

And more string-art designs…

Another piece from Singapore:

And some really cute ads, again from Singapore. They’re sucking on something as if its a McDonald’s thickshake straw (as explanation).

Absolutely brilliant take on Penguin covers – and a worthy D&AD winner…

very cute…

put a smile on my face…

One of the first crazy pieces in teh Duncan of Jordanstone stand. Apparently Daljit is an external examiner next year…

More D of J

And a long shot.

Great work from Ivan and Jordan at D of J.

Total madness – a Hamley’s logo.

A wonderful little painting.

I bought this! The best grad of the show – onya Justin! This is all generated using Flash algorithms.

And a cute little piece.

Made me larf 😉

Nice, simple idea.

And so we reach the finish line of an overwhelming, extraordinary and totally cool event…


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