She Says May edition…

Absolutely incredible!
What a hit this month’s She Says was… with around 65 women in attendence, to listen to 4 of the big guns of digital (and offline in the case of Rhona) agencies speak about their tips for success, as well as their biggest mistakes…

Firstly Jane (Recollective/Framfab) spoke very openly and frankly about everything from her active attitude to being a mum… a really funny and inspirational talk… and she had a great tale from our deepend days about the perils of not checking your presentation for mistakes before you go to the client (Thomas Cock anyone?)

Tamara (fronm SPF15) warned of the problems that the instant delivery of technology can get you in – watch who you send those emails and text messages to! She took us through the thinking behind her work for Superdrug – and what results!

Lee (Dare) was an absolute craik – even though she admitted that she’d written her talk last night whilst watching Big Brother it was captivating, and a great insight into a highly energetic and passionate individual… as all the women said – ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY! Her “greatest mistake” came from not knowing her material well enough when presenting to a client, thinking that other members of her team would be talking through it… and realising that she had to do it all on her own!

Finally (after racing straight from a late-landing Squeesyjet plane from Gatwick to our door) Rhona gave a really revealing talk describing some of her biggest blunders, and the importance of being incredibly honest and owning up to your mistakes. what a lady!

Afterwards there were questions galore, and a chance to network over drinks and food provided kindly (with the venue) by Propel, Thanks Emma, Mel and the rest of the girls!

the next event will be at the end of June, where we will also hopefully launch our site and viral campaign!


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