rock your body

The little one can hear as of this week, so I’ve constructed a tummyspeaker on an elasticised belt, with headphone splitters, so that we can listen to the same tracks whilst I have my iPod on on the tube.
Unfortunately silver was the only colour I could find a stretchy belt in, big enough to accommodate the bump, but I’ll just have to go beyond fashion… 🙂
If anyone out there wants to buy a “Baby Boomer”, orders taken here, so mail me and I’ll make one for you!


5 responses to “rock your body

  1. Great idea. I wouldn’t worry too much about the silver belt . . . . . thankfully s/he can only hear through your layers . . . . not see 😉 ! What are you both listening to?

  2. I obviously need to get out more! I’ve never heard of that. Trancey sounds great though . . . . . . I could do with a bit of that now!

  3. I couldn’t make out what your tatoo was in the other picture but this one shows it really well. Is it a dragon? Is it your own design? I like it, it looks relaly friendly. It’s going to be quite annimated soon with all the kicking going on . . . . . . your dragon will come to life!

  4. I know! Its stretching by the day!!!
    Its a tesselation by M.C.Escher – just a portion of what could be an infinite pattern if I’d kept going! I can’t wait to start seeing movements…

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